YourCourts Member Support Center Court and Resource Reservation Management software

Member Profile

Each YourCourts member has thier own user profile where they can configure settings that control things like notifications and the level of privacy that they want to maintain.

Once you successfully log in to YourCourts, you can edit your individual profile. The profile controls various aspects of how the site works for you. Administrators can edit some values for a user from the administrator screens, but there are certain fields that only you can modify. To edit your profile, click on your name in the upper right of the screen and select the My Profile option.

The Member Profile page will be displayed, along with your current settings. The Member Profile page is separated into several tabs, as shown below. Each tab contains settings that you can use to control certain aspects of how your account works with YourCourts.

The personal tab contains the general information about you and your account, including Name, Address Information, Phone Details as well as a few other data elements that are strictly optional.

The only fields that are required for YourCourts are first name, last name, email and of course a password.

Changing Email and Password

Each YourCourts user must have a unique email address. If you get a new email address or want to switch to a different email, you can do so by updating the Email field on the Personal tab of the profile tab. The email must be a valid email address and not used by anyone else within your club.

If you belong to more than one club that utilizes the YourCourts software, you can use the same email for multiple clubs. The system will prompt you at login to choose which club you wish to access for the current session.

You can also include an alternate email address. This email will be copied on any email sent from the YourCourts system.

The Alternate Email can not be used to log into YourCourts. It is only used to send copies of email notifications.

If you want to change your password, you can do so from the Password tab of the Member profile page. To change your password, enter the new value in the Password field and re-enter the password again in the Re-enter Password field and click the Save button.

The password must be a minimum of length 4 and a maximum of 15 characters. Security recommendations normally say that a good password has a minimum length of 8 characters and should contain both a capital letter and a number. Never include your name or your email as part of the password.


The Privacy settings allows you to choose what information from your profile is shared with the community. If you don’t want certain information shared, you can uncheck the individual boxes and the site will not display that information to other users. Administrators will still have access to this information, but not others in the community.

The administrators also have the abilty to turn off showing certain pieces of information and may choose to turn on extra privacy for your club for all members.


The Notifications screen allows you to select which email notifications you want to receive from the system. For example, you can choose whether or not to receive a confirmation email when you book a reservation.

If you club has multiple facilities, you can choose a default facility. With a default facility set, the schedule will only show you courts/resources associated with that facility. You can view the other facilities but by default, only your preferred facility will be shown initially.


If your community uses YourCourts to manage tennis reservations, the Tennis profile settings contains fields you might want to share about your tennis ranking and preferences.

Information such as which hand you play tennis with and your membership numbers (which help captains add you to rosters). This information is all optional, but can be helpful if you play on a team or choose to participate in the Find a Match or Challenge Ladder options within the system.

Find a Match Settings

The Find a Match page allows you to provide information that can be used to match you with other players looking for an opponent. You will only receive invitations from other players in the system if you choose to enable the Allow Invitations option in your profile.