YourCourts Member Support Center Court and Resource Reservation Management software


The core of YourCourts is the ability to book reservations for club resources. More often than not, these resources are courts, however the resources could be ball machines or even resources like batting cages or personal trainers. Any limited resource setup by the clubcan have reservations booked against it and YourCourts makes it easy.

Creating Reservations

The reservation process always begins from the facility schedule. The schedule provides an easy visual to determine what date/time a resource is and isn't available.

To create a new reservation, click on one of the Open links for the desired resource. You're not allowed to schedule reservations in the past, so those are indicated with a Dash (-). When you click on an Open, the new reservation screen will be displayed.

You must choose a duration and a reservation type when booking a reservation. You can also add a list of additional players who will be joining you and any notes about the reservation that might be helpful for others to read.

To save the reservation, click the Reserve button at the top of the page. An email confirmation (with court/resource and time details) will be sent to you if you have email notifications turned on in your profile. If you would also like to send an email with the reservation details to others, including those outside your community, you can instead click on the Reserve & Add Email button to book the reservation and send additional emails.

If you have additional security roles (e.g. captain), you may have additional fields on the reserservation detail screen above.

Viewing Reservation Detail

If you wish to view the reservation detail for a reservation, there are a couple of options. First, you can hover over any reservation (others included) and a small window will popup providing you with more detail about the reservation. The popup can tell you things like when the reservation was originally created and by whom and if its been updated. It may also show you the unqiue confirmation # that every reservation gets. This number is different for every reservation and is your receipt that you have the resource booked.

You can also click on the reservation instead of just hovering over it and a bigger popup window will open presenting more details about the reservation. If you are the owner of the reservation, you'll be able to Edit or Cancel the reservation but if you are not the owner, you can still view the details.

The fields that show up when viewing other's reservations are controlled by the club administrator. For example, they may choose to keep the owner's names of the reservations private.

Editing Reservations

There are times that you may need to edit one of your existing reservations. It might be that you want to switch to a different court or switch to a different time of day. If you need to change one of your existing reservations, you don’t have to cancel and create a new one, you can edit the existing reservation to make whatever changes are needed and update the reservation. This can be a big timesaver.

You can only change or edit one of your reservations. You can’t edit or change reservations that belong to other users.

To edit one of your reservations, Just click on the reservation on the schedule and the detail window will be displayed.

The reservation detail window is displayed and shows more information about the reservation, as well as several actions that can be taken, depending o

From the detail window, you can choose to Edit the reservation, Email the reservation information to other players or Cancel it. You’ll receive a confirmation email if you cancel or change the reservation, assuming the notifications preferences are turned on in your profile. More information about your profile and the notification preferences can be found in the Member Profile section

Once you click the Edit button, you will see the Reservation create screen where you can change aspects of the reservation and click the Update button.

Canceling Reservations

To cancel a reservation, follow the procedures mentioned above for editing and choose the Cancel Reservation button from the detail screen.

You will be presented with the Cancel Reservation screen which will prompt you for a reason. This information is optional but helpful for the administrators.

You can not edit or cancel reservations that are in the past.

Error Messages

If the system is unable to save your reservation due to any of the underlying system rules, you’ll see an error message explaining the reason. For example, if you try to book a reservation that overlaps an existing one, you’ll receive an error message like the one shown below.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to Save or Edit/Update a reservation. The common reasons are shown below.

  • Overlaps with existing Reservation
  • Goes past closing time or before open time
  • Exceeds the maximum # of per-day reservations
  • Exceeds maximum # of reservations during primetime
  • Date is beyond the allowed future date
  • Reservation type is not allowed at a facility
  • Court or Facility may have been closed recently

Your club may have not turned all of the rules, so your experience will be dependent on the current rules for you community.